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Network Specifications for b-o-b.homelinux.comN

b-o-b.homelinux.com runs on cable modem service
The domain name "homelinux.com" & dynamic dns taken care of by DynDNS

This is the host name of my Smoothwall Linux router/firewall. The name itself is based on the TV show Star Trek-Deep Space Nine. I find it ironic that my Smoothwall box is commanded by Captian Cisco. In good spirt of Deep Space Nine, I have my Smoothwall box high on a shelf with the cable modem (away from the LAN). Kinda like the space station protecting the worm hole. This box is built on an old socket 7 mother board, 64 megs of ram, 166Mhz Pentium Processor, 1.2 gig ide hard drive, Trident 9440 pci video adapter, three (3) 10/100 NIC pci adapters (all Lynksys). Its an old Kardasian build, but it will have to do. This is my firewall, router, & dhcp server. The 3 NIC's are connected to my cable modem, home lan, and home dmz. It is also configured to update www.dnydns.org when my cable modem IP number changes. More information on what this box might do for me can be obtained from checking www.smoothwall.org.

This is the host name for the box that is running this apache (web) server, and all the services for b-o-b.homelinux.com. This box runs Slackware Linux. This box resides on my local DMZ. This is an old Socket 7 motherboard, 96 megs of ram, Pentium 200 Mhz processor, S3 Virge 2Meg pci video adapter, 3Com 10/100 pci adapter, 2gig, 15gig, 20gig ide hard drives, a 20 gig Scsi Drive(on-board), and let not forget the Mitsumi 12x Cd-Rom.